Are you thinking of any home improvements?

16 May 2022

Recent research reveals that improving your home rather than moving house has become the choice for about a third of UK homeowners.

This is supported by the increased number of related TV programmes that are now regularly on our screens, such as “Love It or List It” and “Ugly House to Lovely House”.

The idea of renovating or refurbishing a property can often be more attractive and more cost effective than trying to move.

Whilst re-designing, building extensions and decorating a property can be exciting, such projects can offer challenges that may have an impact on a standard Home Insurance policy.

Some of these challenges are:

  • Assuming that a current Home policy has such works covered, when it could be void if these works are not disclosed
  • Waiting too long to disclose that these works are being undertaken, leaving little time to arrange additional cover and then having to pay an additional premium which may not have been budgeted for
  • Leaving no time to obtain risk management advice which could be helpful in preventing a loss

A standard Home Insurance policy may automatically include cover for these works, but with a monetary limit applicable.

It’s better to have a conversation with us about such contract works, ensuring that your insurance cover is suitable and avoiding any worrying situations.

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