BT Redcare is closing operations in 2025

09 April 2024

BT Redcare is closing operations in 2025

BT Redcare is closing operations in 2025

BT Redcare has long been recognised in the alarm signalling market for being one of the pioneers of monitored alarm signalling in the UK, i.e. alarm signalling that is able to report a fault on its transmission path to an alarm-receiving centre.

On 1 February 2024, BT made a public announcement that they would be closing down their Redcare operations in 2025 for undisclosed reasons.

New products can continue to be ordered from them until the end of February 2024, after that it will not be possible, and the entire network will cease to operate with effect from 1 August 2025 (or earlier if your contract expires before then). Until then existing products will continue to be fully supported and operational.

Key dates

  • 29 February 2024 – No new BT Redcare products can be ordered after this date
  • 1 March 2024 – Any new BT Redcare products ordered prior to 1 February 2024 will have early termination fees waived
  • 1 August 2025 – Full closure of the BT Redcare network
  • Any date prior to 1st August 2025 – Removal of your service at the point that your current contract expires

Key actions for customers

Before 1 August 2025 (or earlier if your current service with BT Redcare is contractually due

to expire), you will need to move to another alarm signalling provider in order to maintain

a remote monitoring capability, and in this respect, you are advised to liaise with your alarm

maintenance company.

It’s important to ensure that any replacement product is of an equivalent (or better) performance

standard than the BT Redcare product that it is replacing. Prior to entering into any agreement,

referral should be made to your insurance broker who will be able to check that the proposed

replacement product will be acceptable to all of your existing insurers and any other interested


NB: Whilst BT Redcare signalling is commonly associated with intruder alarm systems, don’t

forget other systems you may have which rely on it for the remote signalling of events. This could

include your fire alarm, fridge temperature alarms, sprinkler or other fire protection systems,

water leak detection equipment, and hold up systems.

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