Driving in heavy rain and wind

10 January 2023

Living in England we are used to blustery grey skies and heavy rain. But when 90% of vehicle accidents occur in the rain, we mustn’t get complacent.

Before you go:

  • Can you wait for the weather to pass before your journey?
  • Make sure all your wipers working well?
  • Check you have enough fuel. Bad weather causes delays and having your lights, wipers, and heater on at the same time will use extra fuel.
  • Make sure you have your phone with you in case of emergencies.

While you drive:

  • If you need your wipers on you should reduce your speed
  • Keep a greater distance than usual between you and the car in front.
  • Stick to the main roads. These are less likely to flood or have fallen debris and branches on them.
  • Keep both hands firmly on the wheel. You never know when the wind will pick up and cause you to swerve.
  • Put your headlights on if visibility is bad.
  • Spray from larger vehicles or faster drivers can create spray and reduce your visibility so be aware of other drivers. They may not all be driving as carefully as you.

In case of aquaplaning, the RAC recommend easing off the accelerator and reducing your speed in stead of breaking. This will allow your tires to come back into contact with the surface of the road.


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