Protect your Pipes

13 December 2022

Landlords & Tenant Responsibilities


  1. Before a tenant moves in you should check that everything is in working order. Check for things such as leaking taps, pipe corrosion and damp.
  2. Any insulation. It is a good idea to insulate any water tanks or pipes that are in the attic or colder areas of the house such as garages or outhouses. You could also get covers for outside taps. This will help prevent freezing.
  3. Boiler checks and services.
  4. Inform your tenant of where the stopcock is in case there is an emergency. (If the property is unoccupied, it is a good idea to turn it off until it is)


Any problems that occur due to heating, plumbing or insulation are up to the landlord to fix. It is good to have an open flow of communication between you and your tenant so any issues are caught early on. This will keep them, and your wallet happy as the longer a problem is left the costlier it is to fix.


  1. We know everyone is struggling with heating costs right now but turning your heating off completely over extended periods of time can cost more money in damages in the long run. It’s recommended to keep heating on at 16c to prevent pipes freezing even if you are going away.
  2. Resolving any blockages as soon as possible.
  3. Un-attaching any outside hoses or sprinkler systems during winter months.
  4. Keeping watch for signs of pipes freezing and informing your landlord if you find any.
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