Strong Wind Guidance

31 October 2023

Winds are reported to reach anywhere between 50-90mph across the UK this week.

Winds this strong can cause serious damage to people and property. Here is some guidance on how to prepare:


Before the storm reaches you check the condition of your roof. What appears to be one loose tile or small leak can be made drastically worse by strong winds, resulting in costly repairs or harm to anyone hit by the debris.

Securely close and fasten all windows and doors.

Keep your internal doors closed also.


Items in your garden can be picked up by the wind, smashing windows, causing damage or injuring people. Make sure loose items such as plant pots, garden tools and children’s toys are secured or preferably put in a shed/garage.

Make sure shed/garage doors are locked.

Bigger items such as garden furniture that may not fit in a shed/garage can be moved to a more sheltered area and tied together.

A tip for those who have trampolines, turn them upside down and secure it to the ground with tent pegs

Park cars in a garage if possible, if not try not to park close to buildings or walls and DO NOT park under trees.

Flash Flooding Guidance

Our past article may also be useful to you in the coming weeks

Flash Flooding Guidance



Here is a useful link to see if there are any weather warnings in your area



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