Tips if you are struggling from stress

23 August 2022

Unprecedented fuel prices, the war in Ukraine and rising energy costs are just some of the everyday events impacting people’s mental health. Increased anxiety around global happenings can often intrude into our daily lives.

People may feel that their problems and emotions pale in comparison to such things, but we all have issues that are unique to us and our individual situations.

Mental and physical wellbeing can often be closely linked, and sometimes people may find it easier to open up about a problem with a professional, which in turn may improve their physical wellbeing too.

If you’re struggling with stress, then consider these tips:

Get moving

Even a little regular exercise can help ease stress, boost your mood and energy. Try for 30 minutes on most days, broken up into shorter bursts if that’s easier.

Practice a relaxation technique

Take time to relax each day and give your mind a break from the constant worrying. Meditating, breathing exercises, or other relaxation techniques are excellent ways to relieve stress.

Don’t skimp on sleep

Feeling tired will only increase your stress and negative thought patterns. Finding ways to improve your sleep will help both your mind and body. It can be a simple as putting down your phone and picking up a book.

Eat well

A healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables can help support your mood and improve your energy and outlook. And you don’t have to spend a fortune; there are ways to eat well on a budget.

Share your story

Turning a problem around alone often leads to increased feelings of stress and anxiety. You can help yourself by sharing your story with family, friends or colleagues.

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