World Photography Day – Public Liability

15 August 2023

Public Liability

Accidents are sometimes unavoidable – and it’s not just yourself you need to consider. A photographers’ job often involves working in public spaces and welcoming clients to a studio – if an accident happens, insurance could offer support for a liability claim.

If your studio light falls on a client during their toddler’s photoshoot, or someone trips on a stray camera bag while you’re on location, you could face legal action. This might lead to compensation fees for damage or injury – a public liability policy can provide welcome support.

Public liability is a form of business insurance designed to cover compensation or legal costs if members of the public or customers claim they have experienced personal injury or damage to their property as a result of your work.

Whether an incident happens on your premises or when your employees are out and about, public liability insurance helps to shield your business against unforeseen costs.

Even when you do everything right, accidents can happen. Any business can face compensation claims and related legal fees, whether you’re a freelance professional, a sole trader working with tools, or you own a small business. With the right cover, your livelihood is protected.

Bodily Injury Example:

A client trips on a lighting cord and seriously breaks their arm. They are unable to work for 3 months and sue you for lost wages as a result.

Property Damage Example:

When carrying your equipment into a client’s home, you accidentally knock an expensive vase off a table in their front hall. The client sues you for the value of the vase.

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