Is your family safe online?

23 May 2022

Our homes and families have been increasing their use and reliance on technology for several years and whilst this has had a positive effect on how we connect with each other, the negative effect has been a dramatic increase in online fraud, cyber crime and cyber bullying experienced by many households.


Fraud and computer misuses have increased by more than a third since the pandemic, and with over 90% of adults using the internet at least once a day, over 50% of children spending over 8 hours a week on the internet (one in three being under 18), the need for cyber protection for the home and family is more vital than it has ever been.


To support households in managing these risks, WTJ can offer a cyber insurance product which combines insurance protection along with a package of security software and network-monitoring services to protect families.


To find out more about this innovative Home Cyber insurance product and obtain a quotation, please contact us.


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