Travel Disruption

27 July 2022

The dramatic rise in international air traffic following the relaxation of Covid restrictions has been an unpleasant transition back to what was expected to be the normal. Cancelled flights, delays at airports and some travellers stranded abroad poses questions of what remedies are available. The issue of compensation for delays can be difficult with much depending on the timing of the delay or cancellation and the airport from which someone is departing and arriving.

Although you may be entitled to compensation, reimbursement is not automatic. The relevant airline carrier needs to be contacted for a claim to be submitted.

The airline may be able to reject a claim for compensation if the reason for the delay or cancellation was outside their control. Any recurring incidence of delay and cancellation caused by staffing levels is unlikely to warrant compensation.

The following suggestions may be helpful.

  • Before the trip, you can check flight routes, flight connections, take-off and landing times on sites such as Flight Aware or Flight Radar to see your flight history. This will provide an assessment of how frequently the flight departs and whether a delay is typical.
  • Check what alternative flights may be available in the event of a cancellation. Other airports or airlines may have alternative flights. Other hotel and travel options may need to be considered in advance.
  • Keep all receipts for additional expenses such as food and out-of-pocket costs. The airline will usually provide food vouchers where they are obliged to help if there is a delay or cancellation, but the receipts from the purchases will assist if an additional claim is made to the airline later. Bear in mind that all expenses must be reasonable.
  • Arrange a Travel insurance policy. We can arrange single trip or annual travel insurance for holiday trips and also annual Business Travel insurance for companies which includes cover for leisure trips of company directors and their families.



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